One of our central service focuses is in the area of fuel cell technology. As experts in fuel cell test facilities, we work to improve the efficiency and reliability of test facilities. Our goal is to contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions and thus support the transition to a clean energy supply.

Fuel cell Technology

Since 2006, we have operated as a leading high-tech fuel cell and alternative energy consulting and service company, assisting the world's leading OEMs and research institutions with equipment technical clarification, commissioning, and service & maintenance.

We provide our customers with the tools and equipment they need to accurately test and manufacture products for alternative energy applications.

Software Upgrade

Our upgrades to the latest software level up to the complete replacement of the automation system including real-time capable and safe PLC control with Plug and Play EtherCAT option and open Python interface enable operation according to complex customer requirements. 

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Hardeware Upgrade

We offer the replacement of components with advanced sensor and actuator technology according to the current state of the art. This enables us to provide more precise control and regulation of your plant components for optimum performance and efficiency.

Additionally, we replace conventional humidifiers with the innovative method of dynamic metered direct evaporation. This efficient humidification technology provides precise humidity control.

Our services also include integrating additional gas paths for improved control of gas flows and increased plant flexibility and performance through higher flows, currents, heating and cooling capacities. Our optimizations improve the performance and productivity of your equipment.

We can also integrate third-party equipment to enhance your plant's capabilities upon request.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a customized quote for our service.


We offer on-site calibration of Alicat and Bronkhorst MFCs in the flow range from 1 to 8,000 nlpm. This increases accuracy by taking into account the effects of piping during calibration. The new service reduces downtime for your instruments at a competitive price compared to manufacturer calibration.

Our range of services

  • Upgrades (software and hardware) up to complete general overhaul of existing test benches
  • On-site calibration of all relevant sensors and actuators
  • Commissioning in coordination with the end customer and test bench manufacturer
  • Maintenance and service of test benches
  • Upgrading of test benches to meet current standards for reliability, real-time control and safety requirements

We document our work by means of E-plans and flow diagrams that comply with European standards. We have experienced competent staff and offer CE certifications according to ATEX and low voltage directives for non minor modifications.