Customers in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and packaging industries benefit from the cooperation between Uson, the world's leading supplier of leak testing equipment and solutions, and us as their representative in German-speaking countries. We offer comprehensive support in the selection, commissioning, maintenance and integration of the reliable and versatile Uson product range, including individual solutions. 

Test systems from Uson

Tirron GmbH has been working closely with Uson, the world's leading provider of leak testing equipment and solutions for the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, for many years.

Since 1963, Uson has been manufacturing innovative leak test and flow measurement equipment and developing methods and solutions that have been successfully implemented in countless test stands, automated or industrial applications.   

As Uson's general representative in German-speaking countries, we are at your side from the search for the most suitable device for your test application to commissioning and regular maintenance or calibration. On request, we support you in system integration or develop individual solutions for your communication interfaces.

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What is a leak tester?

What is a leak tester?

A large part of the population has no idea what a leak tester is or what role it plays in products that are used on a daily basis. Have you ever stashed a few extra packets of sugar in your bag only to find that your things are stuffed with the sweet stuff? Or did that pack of smoked trout you bought at the fish market leak before you got it home?  

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Test methods

Modern leak testing methods

In leak testing, a product is checked for leaks (defects). Various test methods are used in the process. Modern leak tests use air pressure, electronics and pneumatic components to perform pressure tests. In electronic pressure testing, a test piece is filled with air pressure, stabilised and then tested for leaks.

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Before the purchase

What you should know before buying leak testers

Leak testing may seem simple and straightforward, but finding the most suitable leak testing system for your application can be extremely complex. This guide will tell you what you need to know and the questions you should ask yourself before buying a leak tester.

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What is a leakage?

Definition of leakage

The definition of leakage is an unintentional opening, hole, crack or similar through which liquid, gas, light, etc. enters or escapes.

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Why Leak Testing?

Air leaks out of everything!

Leak testing is a necessary and integral part of the manufacturing process. There are various methods of leak testing, but the most common and reliable is the pressure test.

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The Benefits

The benefits are obvious

Leak testing has undoubted advantages. These advantages have an impact on various areas: Quality control, production, finance, sales, marketing and development. Some of these benefits are:

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Who has the choice, has the agony!

Minimise your set-up time

As an engineering development manager, you face the challenge of selecting and properly configuring the right test method and test equipment for testing your products. Finding which techniques and sensor types to use can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Uson and Tirron's experienced engineers work together to ensure that the leak test fits the quality requirements of your products and that the leak test equipment is configured correctly and ready to use as quickly as possible. Not only do we offer equipment that provides accurate and reliable results, but we also place great emphasis on reducing set-up time so you can get your products to market faster.

Product overview

The specialists for the automotive industry

Over 50 years of experience serving the automotive industry

The world of automotive manufacturing and related leak testing technology is rapidly evolving, and Uson continues to prove that their testing expertise keeps them ahead of the curve. Uson customers include some of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, transportation companies and their suppliers. Uson's highly skilled design engineers provide the most innovative test systems to increase product test throughput, test sensitivity and repeatability for all automotive-related applications.  As a result, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are able to optimise their production cycles without compromising the quality and integrity of their products.

Uson offers solutions for test applications ranging from complete engines to fuel injectors, transmissions, brake components, cooling systems, electrical fittings, reversing lights, axles and much more.


The Vector is the most modern and advanced leak and flow tester in its class in the world. 

Ultimatives Lecktestsystem Uson's Flagschiff

Thanks to the Vector's advanced concept and unique software architecture, leak and flow tests can be performed faster than with any other tester on the market, resulting in higher production rates. 

The experts for the medical industry

Versatile, reliable leak and flow testers combined with application know-how for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Uson works with leading medical device manufacturers to ensure the highest quality standards of a variety of components and assemblies. From aspirators and catheters to valves and everything in between.

Uson testers are ideal for quality testing medical devices during production. The Sprint mD, for example, is compact and easy to use, with impressive standard features and customisation options. It is available as a single-channel tester or can be configured with up to four channels that perform tests simultaneously or sequentially.

With new security features such as user authentication via passwords and roles, customisable access authorisation and the ability to log and monitor changes to parameters, the SprintmD leak tester enables compliance with standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 (US), MHRA / EU Annex 11 and others.


Sprint iQ Kompaktes High-End Lecktestsystem

Ease of use and simple validation have led to the worldwide success of Uson's Sprint series. The Sprint iQ is ideal for leak testing medical devices. It can perform 13 types of tests for devices such as catheters, tubing sets, and other medical devices, and is available with up to four channels to meet your needs. 

The masters for industry

Leak and flow testing solutions for consumer and industrial product manufacturers

Leading industrial companies around the world rely on Uson leak testing equipment. We can help identify problems before large volumes are produced, and we can detect small but potentially serious leaks that can affect production. Advanced features such as data acquisition, networking, statistical analysis and synchronous testing provide a wealth of information. In addition, range and repeatability studies are regularly conducted at customer sites to confirm that our equipment meets or exceeds customer requirements. Our goal at Uson is to ensure that the production range meets today's demand without compromising product integrity.


Uson 628 Robustes und hochpräzises Lecktest System

A highly sensitive, affordable leak tester that is easy to use. The 628 is a differential pressure tester that provides clear, non-subjective results at a level of performance found elsewhere in more complex and expensive instruments. 

The professionals for the packaging industry

Packaging manufacturers rely on Uson test equipment for leak testing

Dichtigkeit flexibler Verpackungen

With their products, packaging manufacturers essentially ensure product quality on the way from the producer to the consumer.

Perishable foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals must be packaged gas- and vapour-tight (humidity) or even bacteria- and virus-proof according to their nature or shelf life; largely in pressure-sensitive packaging.

The products that place special tightness requirements on the packaging are mainly packed under protective gas (MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging) or in a vacuum.

A defectively delivered product can suffer noticeable quality losses for the consumer due to undesirable atmospheric influences.

Today, more than ever, product quality and the fulfilment of customer expectations of a product are of decisive importance for product success. For this reason alone and also for reasons of product liability, the manufacturer is anxious to ensure the product quality (tightness) of his products by means of suitable methods and procedures.


Sprint mD Lecktestsystem Kompaktes High-End Lecktest System

With the Sprint mD, Uson continues to meet the highest standards for leak and flow testing. The modular design allows for easy maintenance and upgrades and provides the versatility to perform a wide range of leak tests and analyses. The Sprint mD leak tester provides fast, reliable and accurate information when and where you need it. Ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, the Sprint mD is also available with the A3 security upgrade, which provides enhanced authorisation and authentication features and enables compliance with standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (USA), MHRA/EU Annex 11 and others.